BlackPlayer EX Premium APK v20.52.358 Final [ Latest ]

BlackPlayer EX Premium APK:

BlackPlayer EX Full Unlocked APK application that offers you all the functions of the famous music player. If you like to experience the music on your device in the best possible quality in the most beautiful Android player,

Descriptions :

BlackPlayer EX removes ads to focus on what matters most, music. Includes tons of additional premium features. Of course, all the great features of BlackPlayer Free are also included in this music player. Create your own interface with the customization found in the Settings menu. Zap, discover your music quickly with this smart feature. Auto plays music tracks randomly for 5 seconds each.


This application has a simple and user-friendly interface. The application’s color and theme can be changed according to your preference. At the same time, you can try to change the color and appearance creatively. Surely there will be unexpected results and all in the Settings section.Music player

Unique functions of BlackPlayer EX Music Player:

There is a music player, so this application’s main role is to store and manage music tracks. You can view all of your music in the library, and you can perform various operations. You can add great music, remove tracks you don’t want to hear, and rearrange them. Music listeners always use this. When there is a new song, they add to the playlist. You create an album where there are many songs on the same theme.

Powerful search system

you can easily search for your own music based on your needs. In this app, there will be a filter to help you do just that. With simple searches, you can find the song or artist you want. In case your library has too many different songs, this function comes in handy and optimizes the search function. Also, you can rearrange the gallery by adjusting album size and photo for each artist. This allows you to search for more songs or artists.

Extra features:

  • Folder view
    6 additional fonts, including the option to use the system font.
    10 color accents.
    3 bonus themes
    White widget theme.
    Additional information for the currently playing track. Bitrate, sampling and format.
    Customizable crossfade
    Customize library pages completely. Add, remove and order.
    Custom grid size for artists and albums.
    It shows Bitrate, Sampling and Format on the Now Playing page.
    Search and manually set up artist images.
    Blacklist folders and tracks
    White widget theme.
    Zap, discover your music quickly with this smart feature. Auto plays random music tracks for 5 seconds each.
    Floating window control widget
    Viewer, customizable (Beta)
    Widget and notification customizations.
    View Artists as a larger grid.
    View genres as a list and as a large list.
    The tracks played can be tracked monthly instead of weekly.
    Lock screen or widget blur effect.
    2 extra text animations
    1 additional transition effect
    Shows the position of the queue in the widget.
    Add the “PLAYLISTS” page to the Library.
    Hide any of the sliding pages.
    Developer love!
    More upcoming features! The EX version always has the new features first!


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