OkMap 16.0.19+ Crack edit and analyze GPS 2021

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OkMap 16.0.19+ Crack [ Latest Version ]

okMap Crack is an application that allows you to view, edit, and analyze GPS (GPS) maps and will enable you to scan web maps or digital maps, Work. The OkMap application can use vector format data and DEM data related to altitude information. These maps can be arranged by creating stops, routes, and routes on the computer monitor and uploading this data to your GPS. Features of OkMap software include automatic adjustment of altitude data and estimated travel time.

Uses Of Navigation System

. If you have a desire to create your own map and decide to follow a route to a destination, an app like

OkMap could be the tool you need to build your own route. Included in the features, this software solution is very easy to operate and can use GPS data collection and integrate all the necessary features on a custom map that can be downloaded to the navigation system.



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now you can organize your path by  waypoints , routesand tracks on the screen your computer, and upload this data to your GPS . OkMap set data high speed automatic and estimated moving time . .

Main Features:


  • Ability to add map server custom web new
  • Show map vector
  • Display hybrid maps (raster data + vector)
  • 10 map projection is most used
  • Performances coordinates in: degrees, degrees-minutes, degrees-minutes-seconds, UTM, ECEF, Georef, national Grid Usa, Uk (national Grid survey), Irish Grid coordinates data with the projection custom
  • Facilities management map (icons, comments)
  • Data management vector (point, multipoint, line, polygon)
  • Manage GPX data (waypoint, route, route)
  • File manager
  • Select multiple objects by mouse

OkMap Desktop 16.0.19 Keygen Feature:

  • Automatic information function
  • Zoom, auto-adjust functions
  • Move the map function in three ways
  • GPX data cannot be saved.
  • DM data download not included
  • Map tile not included.Analyze GPS direction

okmap Features:

Installed on 64-bit windows
– Finding other people and companions
– Ability to use GPS to see your location
– Create custom and custom maps
– Find different routes on offline maps
– Download maps from different servers
– View web maps for personal use
– Routing using Compass
– Automatically generate  maps
– And many more


Analyze GPS direction


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