Shapical X Unlocked APK 1.361 [ Latest Version ]

Shapical X Unlocked APK :

This simple environment application offers you advanced functions that allow you to add impressive graphic features to your images. When you use this application, it all depends only on your imagination and creativity, which makes you create an impressive image. There are six special graphic effects in this software, all editions are based on these six effects! Your creativity helps you change the options for each of the selected effects and save the final file to suit your personal opinion. Making changes to colors is one of the main ways to edit your images.

graphics features to your images.


If you need to add shapes, graphics to your images? So here is a multifunctional application known as “Shapical X Pro Apk”. Allowing you to add strokes, shapes, and textual content in a neater approach. Adjust the colors and edit your image. There are many very effective tools out there. That everyone can use easily. It doesn’t matter if you are an image enhancement newbie or a professional.

Why Shapical X MOD APK?

There is an opportunity not only to add lines and shapes, but also to add graphic patterns, mix photos with photos, add complex dynamic graphic objects, including gradients in the baugasm style, as well as pixelation, smudge, glitch, noise,  effects.


  • Combine, blend and superimpose photos, create double exposures.
  • Transform and displace objects and images using Smudge/Glitch tool.
  • Lighten, darken or colorize images using Brush tool.
  • Adjust opacity and change blending modes.
  • Create complex photo collages!
  • Work with Layers to keep track of everything you add to your features to your images.
  • Save in HD quality.

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